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Providers who wish to join the County Social Services Provider Network must enter into a Participation Agreement under the terms and conditions of the Contract Management Program. Providers outside of County Social Services, who have executed a contract with their host county or host county designee, may be included in the Provider Network under the terms of their host county contract. The Contract Manager must receive a copy of the contract before any claims are reimbursed and the provider must be willing to comply with the terms of the Contract Management Program.

Primary Provider Contacts

  • Karen Dowell, COO
    • (319) 292-2271
  • Todd Rickert, Service Coordination
    • (319) 824-6779
  • Karen Dowell, Contracts
    • (319) 292-2271
  • Brian Blodgett, HIPPA Security Officer
    • 641-562-2226
  • Megan Taets, HIPPA Privacy Officer/Quality Improvement
    • 641-832-2615