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Mental Health

Individuals wishing to access outpatient mental health services may apply directly to a designated Mental Health Center. The Mental Health Center will make the eligibility determination and only forward sufficient applicant information to County Social Services for coordination of benefits.

Individuals will only receive a Notice of Decision from County Social Services if the decision by the Mental Health Center is overturned. In the event the individual is determined ineligible, he/she will not be responsible for charges incurred for the period between Mental Health Center approval and the County Social Services denial. Any individual dissatisfied with the eligibility decision of the Mental Health Center or County Social Services will have a right to appeal the decision.

Individuals who wish to access mental health services other than the designated Mental Health Centers must complete the enrollment process for service under the Disability Program and will be referred to County Social Services for assessment and prior approval.

If an individual requires more support than outpatient mental health services, the individual should apply to the Disability Program.