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I was wondering if we could get this consideration to allow for a 3-4 year timeline so 2022 or 2023 is even better?


Answer: All of the MHDS Regions are charged to provide HF2456 Crisis Services by July 1st, 2021. At this time CSS is working through the program implementation process to provide a variety of crisis services included in HF2456 by this deadline.

If you would like to see this deadline extended please feel free to contact your legislators.



Can you provide more clarity on IV FUNDING A Operating Expense Point 4 (pg. 10 Agency will submit a cost report for the next fiscal year within 3 months by September 30th to reconcile reimbursements: Are you essentially just looking for an accounting of actual expenses during the previous time period or is there an identified cost report format that you are wanting us to follow?


Answer: We are looking for a sufficient allocation of cash flow to review actual costs. Adjustments can be made accordingly and we can go through this in more detail during the contract phase.



Can you provide more clarity on 2. Timeline for Program Implementation(pg. 9): Does CSS have a date for Questions to be answered and posted? Questions end on August 30th and the RFP Submission Deadline is Sept 30th, but I didn’t see a deadline for CSS to respond to all questions


Answer: CSS will respond to all questions by September 3rd, 2019.



Can you provide more clarity on IV Proposer Qualifications item #6 (pg. 6): Will you be requiring agencies to directly input data into the CSN system or provide the data for CSS employees to enter the data into the CSN system?


Answer: We envision providers having access to CSN and submitting documentation directly to this data base.

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