Substance Abuse

If you or someone you have a relationship to has a substance abuse problem and is struggling in growing or maintaining their independence, quality of life, and/or health and safety and does not have the resources available to them to purchase the supports they need, then application to determine eligibility to access treatment funds can be made. Initial application can be found online and printed off or obtained by contacting a county social services office. Application must be returned to a County Social Services Office for processing.

Once an application has been submitted, all information has been clarified and missing information obtained, an eligibility decision will be made. In order for an applicant to be eligible to access treatment funds they must have a completed application on file, meet diagnostic criteria, and be at or below the income and resource guidelines. Once a decision has been reached the applicant will be contacted and given the decision and any reason for ineligibility. If an applicant has been determined eligible they will be assigned to a service coordinator, who will perform an assessment to determine the applicants’ level of need. Once an assessed level of need is obtained, treatment funds will be encumbered to the applicant. Note: [Should funds be fully encumbered, applicants who meet all eligibility criteria may be placed on a waiting list] Often times applicants may apply for funding through their treatment provider.