Provides prevention and intervention services to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and complex behavioral needs through crisis response, training and consultation. The goal is to create a support network that is able to respond to crisis needs at the community level. Providing community based, person centered supports that enable an individual to remain in their home or community placement is the first priority.

Services are provided based on individual needs, situation and assessment. Services include Crisis Support Continuum, Clinical Support-Assessment and Treatment Planning, Training and Consultation and Collaboration.  Consultation services are available for individuals age 6 and over within the CSS region. 

To be eligible for CSS I-START an individuals must be at least 14 years of age and have a diagnosis of intellectual/developmental disability and complex behavioral needs and reside within the County Social Services region. 

CSS I-START accepts referrals from multiple sources, including providers, case managers, service coordinators, families and individuals.  Training can be at home, residence, or in a day program. Services are based on individual needs, situation and assessment.

CSS I-START does not replace any element of the current service continuum but works in conjunction with all other services including community based services (community support, targeted case management, IHH/IHT, traditional outpatient) through consultation and training.

In the case of a crisis referral, CSS I-START will provide immediate technical assistance to the family or provider in order to stabilize the individual. Routine referrals will be staffed for meeting admittance criteria with the team within 72 hours and disposition communicated to referral agent.

The CSS I-START Referral Form is available in the Important Documents section in the left hand margin.  Please email the completed form to istart@countysocialservices.org, or fax to 641.201.3992, or call 641.903.5210.

In the case of a crisis referral CSS I-START will provide immediate technical assistance.  Crisis/emergency referrals should be made through the CSS 24/7 Support Line at 1-855-266-1257.