Our Staff

The County Social Services Administrator is appointed by the Governing Board. Each individual county office is staffed by local county employees.

The local county offices of County Social Services are the pillars of the agency and the link pins of the service delivery system.


Allamakee County | (563) 568-6227
  • Mary Egan, Office Manager- Accounts Payable Team
    Jason Howes, Service Coordinator

Black Hawk County | (319) 292-2272
  • Karen Dowell, Chief Operating Officer 319-292-2271
    Jackie Bailey.Judicial Advocate 319-292-2254
    Felicia Bates ,I-Start Clinical Team Lead
    April Keifer, Service Coordinator South Quadrant 319-292-2270
    Janet Martinson,Conservator319-292-2267
    Ashley Leistikow, I-Start South Coordinator
    Monica Paulsen, Transition Specialist319-292-2273
    Koleen Schipper,Contract Manager/GA Coordinator 319-292-2261
    Susan Schreiber,Conservator 319-292-2268
    Deb Thome, Conservator Clerical Staff 319-292-2266
    Jane Freeseman, South Quadrant Service Coordinator

Butler County | (319) 267-2663
  • Sarah Janssen, South Quadrant Supervisor (Black Hawk, Butler, Grundy, Tama)
    Liz Williams, Auditor & Fiscal Agent 319-267-2670
    Angela Nelson, Judicial Advocate 563-422-5047

Cerro Gordo County | (641) 210-7015
  • Carolyn Edgar,HIPP/Waiver Wait List Case Manager North
    Lori Jurgens, Service Coordinator
    Lisa Trainer, Accounts Payable Manager
    Jamie Schriever, Service Coordinator
    Amanda Inman, Administrative Assistant 641-210-7015
    Tiffany Liska,Northern I-Start Coordinator 319-464-0642
    Jim Aberg- I-Start Director 641-903-5210

Chickasaw County | 641 394-3426
  • Kayleen Dunt, Service Coordinator
    Stephanie Kuhn, Judicial Advocate

Clayton County | (563) 245-1865
  • Jean Gage, Service Coordinator Eastern Quadrant
    Angela Nelson, Judicial Advocate 563-422-5047

Emmet County | (712) 362-2452
  • Savanna Trotter, Service Coordinator
    JoAnn Reed, Judicial Advocate

Fayette County | (563) 422-5047
  • Sheri Vierkant, East Quadrant Supervisor (Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, Winneshiek) 563-422-5047
    Charity Anfinson, Adm. Assistant, Accounts Payable Team
    Angela Nelson, Judicial Advocate

Floyd County | (641) 257-6363
  • Bob Lincoln, Chief Executive Officer
    Raina Kellogg, North Quadrant Supervisor (Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Hancock, Mitchell, Winnebago, Worth) 641-257-6199
    Queen Jensen, Service Coordinator South Quadrant Service Broker 641-257-6139
    Carol O’Donnell,  Office Manager, GA, Accounts Payable Team 641-257-6140
    Angela Nelson, Judicial Advocate 563-422-5047

Grundy County | (319) 824-6779
  • Todd Rickert,, Coordinator of Disability Services
    Daphne Schlampp, Service Coordinator South Quadrant
    Lori Byers, Office Mgr & Member County Account Manager
    Jackie Bailey, Judicial Advocate 319-292-2254

Howard County | (563) 547-9207
  • Beth Kregel, East Quadrant Service Broker
    Stephanie Kuhn, Judicial Advocate
    Lynn Phillips,Eastern I Start Coordinator

Humboldt County | (515) 332-5205
  • Alice Warner, Mental Health Advocate.
    Diana Stern, Office Mgr. - Accounts Payable Team,CM Billing Payee Services

Kossuth County | (515) 295-9595
  • Dona Nielsen, Western Service Coordinator
    Marty Illg, Judicial Advocate

Mitchell County | (641) 832-2615
  • Megan Taets, Quality Improvement Coordinator
    Ashley Rosendahl, Service Coordinator North Quadrant
    Angela Nelson, Judicial Advocate 563-422-5047

Pocahontas County | (712) 335-3269
  • Alice Warner, Judicial Advocate

Tama County | (641) 484-4191
  • Tammy Wise, Office Manager
    Jammie Riffey Service Coordinator South Quadrant
    Libby Reekers, Judicial Advocate, 641-484-4191

Webster County | (515) 573-1485
  • Alison Hauser Western Quadrant Supervisor/Case Management Supervisor (Emmet, Humboldt, Kossuth, Pocahontas, Webster, Wright) 515-573-1476
    Sarah Feldmann,Service Coordinator 515-573-1499
    Deborah Schmehr, HIPP/Waiver/Wait List Case Manager(South)
    Brittany Baker, West Quadrant Service Broker 515-573-1495
    Tanya Martinson, Office Manager/Central Intake Team 515-573-1492
    Kathy Erickson, Judicial Advocate

Winnebago, Hancock and Worth Counties (WHW) | (641) 585-2340
  • Bobbie Jensen, Service Coordinator North Quadrant
    Ruth Melby,Mental Health Advocate

Winneshiek County | 563-277-6014
  • Brenda Olson, Office Manager/Central Intake Team 563-277-5395
    Stephanie Kuhn, Judicial Advocate 563-547-9293
    Matt, Stevens,  Eastern Quadrant Service Coordinator

Wright County | (515) 532-3309
  • Jen Sheehan, Service Coordinator Western Quadrant 515-532-3309
    Lisa Leanhart Office Manager
    Saundra Wood, Western I-Start Coordinator 319-505-3138
    Alice Warner, Judicial Advocate 515-332-5368