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County Social Services Legislative Forum

The CSS Board has had several discussions on unfunded mandates and legislation that has not fulfilled the anticipated full partnership with the state.  The following are legislative priorities for your consideration and a proposal to set time aside in our October CSS Meeting to invite and have a conversation with our legislators. Discussion/Action
a. Legislation to have one Mental Health and Disability Services Per Capita Levy Cap across all MHDS Regions.
b. Legislation to allocate enough funding as recommended by the Department of Human Services to make the mandated Assertive Community Treatment Teams sustainable and able to maintain fidelity without MHDS Region subsidy.
c. Legislation to allocate enough funding for YourLife Iowa (the mandated state-wide 24/7 Crisis Line) with the capacity to dispatch mobile response and be a true central hub for a state-wide mental health system. (The state could leverage Medicaid Administrative dollars to accomplish this with the current state dollars as leverage.)
d. Legislation to allow county’s that are a current member of a MHDS Region the right to retain their membership if another county’s actions make result in them not being contiguous.