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About Us

January 1, 2009 five counties came together to further advance the vision of creating a more equitable service system, while retaining the principle of local control.  The intent of County Social Services (CSS) is to make funding and service availability more equitable across county lines.  Since that time County Social Services is now a consortium of 19 Counties:  Allamakee, Black Hawk, Butler, Cerro Gordo, Clayton, Chickasaw, Emmet, Fayette, Floyd, Grundy, Hancock, Howard, Humboldt, Mitchell, Pocahontas, Tama, Webster, Wright & Winneshiek counties.  CSS will serve tax payers and people with disabilities in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Vision Statement: County Social Services connects persons experiencing complex life-changing challenges with innovative resources and supports to assist them in moving towards hopeful and happy lives.

Mission Statement: County Social Services increases community inclusion and capacity through nurturing partnerships.

County Social Services Goals:

Goal 1: County Social Services will deliver research/evidence-based community health care management throughout the region.

Goal 2: Create a budget that provides sufficient funds for risk and cash flow, invest in increased capacity and competency and to expand coverage to relieve other tax funded supports, resulting in affordable health care.

Goal 3:  Reduce acute and institutional care.  Increase community and crisis services for all lives.  Community inclusion resulting in customized employment.

County Social Services Support the Iowa CCISC Core Values:

  • Because our system is designed to be about the people we are serving:
    • All services are person centered/family centered, hopeful and strength-based (recovery/resiliency oriented) and
    • All services are designed to empower self-determination and autonomy using positive behavior supports.
  • Because trauma is an expectation, all services are trauma-informed.
  • Because complexity is an expectation, all services are multi-occurring capable.

County Social Services Supports the Iowa CCISC Principles:

  • Welcoming and safe engagement of people with complex issues
  • Empathetic, hopeful, integrated, strength-based empowered partnerships
  • Integrated screening for multiple issues, including trauma
  • Integrated interventions for multiple primary problems
  • Interventions for each issue are built on strengths used during periods of success
  • Interventions and outcomes for each issue are stage-matched
  • Skill based learning for each issue, including learning skills to use peer, family, and professional supports
  • Positive behavior supports (rounds of applause) for each small step of progress

County Social Services Supports the Iowa CCISC Common Values:

  • Collaboration: sharing knowledge and ideas, connection, learning and development, support
  • Compassion: respectful, hope, supportive, acceptance
  • Valued and Meaningful Life: celebrate success large and small, integrity, hope, welcoming
  • Accountability: self-reliance, self-advocacy, empowerment